Other Ways to Be Effective

There are several ways in which a person can promote their own ability to become effective in many aspects of their life.

The obvious ones are covered in other articles here and in recommended external websites.

But this article is here to put forward the not so obvious ways in which we can promote our own ability to be effective in ways that may seem small, but that add up to making a positive difference in our lives.

In the Home

One of the most overlooked places to start being effective is in the home. Maybe this is because it's the place we feel safe and comfortable and don't feel the need to push our business personalities.

However, while the home should be the safe haven and place of comfort and peace that it must be, it can also be a reflection of a person's ruling state of mind.

If the home is bright, neat and tidy and gives the impression of being looked after, cleaned regularly and free of unnecessary clutter, it reflects an orderly mind and a positive attitude of logic and organization. On the other hand, if the home is disorderly, untidy, dirty or dusty with clutter everywhere, it reflects a disorganized ruling mental state and a chaotic life ethic.

But it goes deeper than that. Whether it's neat and tidy or disorganized and cluttered, that is an image that you take with you when you go to work and is even more pronounced if you are working from home.

A cluttered home office that hasn't been cleaned for days does nothing to instil an efficient work ethic. It lends itself to procrastination and wasted effort, cluttered thoughts and stilted ideas.

A neat and tidy home office on the other hand instils a sense of orderly work ethic, promotes a more efficient and inspiring mental attitude and helps to banish procrastination.

At Work

When at work, a person's productivity is an important factor in them achieving success in their career as well as providing good value for their employer. In order to be productive, a person needs to have a mindset that is primarily aimed at effectiveness in life in all aspects.

In this situation, the employee must continue to perform within the limits set out by their terms of employment in order to maintain their job and their monthly wage. To maintain that level of effectiveness at its barest minimum may insure the continuance of employment at that company, but that's about all.

To make it possible to move forward and upward within the firm, the employee needs to display a level of effectiveness and productivity that exceeds the standard terms in order to show the boss that they are someone who deserves a better position, more responsibility and along with it, a higher wage.

This applies to someone employed by a company or business where they are in a position that means they have to report to a supervisor or manager, or boss. For a self-employed person or one running their own business or company, the goalposts move to higher ground.

When running your own business, the buck stops with you. If you perform at a high level of effectiveness and creativity, there is every chance that you will drive the business forward and grow its status and wealth.

Failure to keep pushing forward can result in stagnation and even a downward spiral into collapse, especially when there are competitors in the same business space waiting for another to fail in order to step in and take the spoils for themselves.

The takeaway from this is that to strive to be ever more effective at the work you do every day is the only sure-fire way to have some guarantee of success in the long term.