In the previous article I talked about the power of persistence in promoting development and growth in a person's life. In this follow-up, I talk about how adding the powerful ingredient of discipline to the mix puts an added layer of laser-targeted focus on going for the success you desire to achieve. But first, it's important to understand just exactly what disciplined action entails (for further details, see: www.crystalpaine.com) and how it can relate to your own personal circumstances. Then you need to put it into practice and get it working for you.

Taking the High Road

disciplineMany people erroneously view a disciplined person as someone who is restricted by their own limitations and leads an austere, almost minimalist life. Of course this view is tainted and often unfavorably colored by a media-created stereotype which in many cases could not be further from the truth.

Following a disciplined path through choice is a high road to success and the accumulation of all the good things that life has to offer. This is not limitation, but its polar opposite; abundance!

The only things that need to be sacrificed are those that are detrimental to your personal growth. These include time wasting pursuits, or finding something of importance in killing time rather than in using time wisely.

Making the Right Sacrifices

Sacrifice in terms of desiring and working toward achievement is all about doing away with anything that is unproductive and wasteful, while embracing activities that are useful, creative and productive. That means doing away with sitting around idly reading a newspaper and instead, using that time to assimilate knowledge that will help to improve your position in life.

For instance, if you work in sales, it will help to improve your closure rate by reading about successful techniques in that area. That can convert into more sales and a higher commission check at the end of the month. Whereas you will learn nothing of value in a newspaper and it certainly will not increase your earnings!

Similarly, if you work in an office environment and are hoping to be promoted to a management post, you will improve your prospects greatly by spending your spare time taking a management course in the evenings instead of spending them watching repeats on the TV.

How Simple Control Promotes Greater Success

The previous simple examples show how sacrificing something of low importance can lead to gaining something of greater importance to your life. It only takes a simple sequence of actions to make it happen.

The achievement of success is made possible by the actions you take. Those actions are positive or negative depending on what choices you follow. It makes sense to take positive actions because they will result in the results desired.

This is all made possible by choosing a disciplined lifestyle over an undisciplined one. It works because you desire good things and are prepared to give yourself directives and then follow them in order to reap the rewards of your actions.