Churches for Compassion

Compassion is one of the strongest of human qualities and a true gift that allows us to help our fellow human beings as well as other animals when they need it.

It is not something that needs to be created, because its already there in each and every one of us. However, we don't all make use of this quality in the same way or at the same level. That's OK as we are all different and that's the way we are made.

But that doesn't mean we can ignore our ability to show compassion for other people that may be in need of our help in some way. After all, giving is the first law of life. As if it were not for the absolute and unconditional love of our mothers in giving of herself that we may come into existence, none of us would be here to even read this!


It is truly more blessed to give than to receive. We feel a great sense of joy when we give of our time, our love, our smile or anything else we may have that we can give to another that will bring them happiness. Make it your mission to give something, no matter how small, to every person you meet each day. And your life will take on such a magnitude of fulfillment that you will wonder where it had been hiding for all these years!

Most people, when they think of giving, think of giving their money. While this is a good way to help someone else less fortunate than yourself, it is only one form of giving. You have so much to give that you may not even think of. Such as giving of your knowledge to a person who asks a question. Or giving a person a helping hand across a busy street if they are unable to cross it on their own. Or simply giving a friendly welcome when they visit your home. You have an amazing gift to give everyone that you meet. All you have to do is give it!


We have been contacted by several organizations to raise public awareness of a variety of different community projects. One that has caught our attention is a website featuring wheelchair accessible RVs that are a magnificent benefit for people with disabilities who want to experience an "on the road" vacation.

Now it is not only possible, but available to anyone who wants to do it with specially adapted or customized RVs that are able to cater for the needs of wheelchair users. The site is wheelchairaccessible and worth a visit to see what they have in the way of useful information and links to a number of societies and clubs for people with a variety of physical disabilities.

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