Churches in California

Below is a list of the churches serving the State of California which can be visited by simply clicking your mouse on the relevant link to your chosen town.

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In the meantime, there are many really fascinating stories to be told of first church visits by people who never thought they would find themselves stepping foot inside the house of God. We hear of people from all walks of life that gained a truly incredible feeling of inner peace and fulfillment by joining a congregation and becoming a part of their local church, no matter what sector of religious leaning that might be. All churches are God-facing wherever you go in the world, because despite the many different ways in which people practise their faith, there is only one God in whom that faith can be placed.

There are many places to visit online for more information and enlightenment, although not every website is perfect by any stretch of the imagination. They all have a purpose in the minds of their own creators!