Churches are very good places to find peace and inner calm, whatever you may believe in religious terms. The buildings are designed to radiate a good, peaceful feeling when you enter and that feeling of peacefulness and calmness is perfect for enabling you to relax and become quiet inside, in both a physical and mental attitude. The popular image of a church is a place that people visit to worship their God and to pray for whatever it may be they want to pray for. But there is more to this than meets the eye and indeed a lot more going on that those on the outside give credit for.


Even if you are not religious or have no faith in something you can't see with your own eyes or otherwise sense with your major senses, that doesn't mean there is nothing outside your own being that could be described as being greater than you are. Its a tough concept to entertain when all the inner alarm bells are screaming at you that talk of a superior intelligence or a greater good are little more than fairy tales designed to catch you out in some way. But if you can set aside your critical faculties for long enough to just give things a chance to prove themselves to you, then you might start to think a little differently.

The first stage to get over is the idea that because you can't see it with your own two eyes, it can't be real. Whether it is the minister giving his sermon on the greatness of God to the congregation, or the personal development expert giving a lecture on the benefits of getting a greater understanding of what Nature is available to teach us, it should not be routinely dismissed. It cannot be denied that there is a greater power at work that made us and made everything around us that we can see. Some call that power God, others call it Nature, others call it the Universe and still others call it Infinite Intelligence. However you understand it, that higher power exists simply because if it didn't, then neither would we!

Is Seeing Believing?

Let's get back to the idea of only believing the testimony of our eyes. If we were to trust everything we saw with our own two eyes as being the absolute truth, we would be in a hopeless mess, for our eyes can deceive us.

Take, for example the view your eyes provide for you when you stand on a railroad track and look down its length. Your eyes tell you that the tracks converge in the distance, but you know for a fact that is not true. Your eyes deceive you! Stand on a boardwalk and watch a ship sail to the horizon. Your eyes tell you that the ship is sinking on that horizon, or as our forebears believed, it was falling off the edge of the world, which was believed to be flat in those days. Again, your eyes tell you lies.

Believing is Seeing

So maybe it make more sense to say not that seeing is believing, but instead that believing is seeing! You know for a fact that the ship is not sinking below the waves, just that is moving out of your line of vision because the world is not flat, but round! You don't even need to have faith that this statement is true, because you simply just know it. In fact, when you truly believe a thing to be true, you don't need the second opinion of your eyes to tell you it is so.

Just because you can't see God, or can't see the power that is around you doesn't mean its not there. If you stand in the sun for long enough, your skin will burn. But you cannot see the UV rays that are burning your skin. The sun feels warm, but certainly not hot enough to burn flesh, yet it does!

Law of Vibration

Scientists tell us that there is only one thing in the entire universe and that thing is energy. Everything is made up of energy. Energy vibrates at millions of different frequencies and those vibrations that are on the same frequency attract to one another, while the vibrations that are on a different frequency repel each other. This is known as the Law of Vibration and it forms the basis of everything we know about in life, nature and even in the spiritual realm.

Whatever you may believe, there is a point where science and religion have to converge and it is on this point of energy. For is not the conception of God also that of a higher power? And what is power, but energy?

When you pray to God, what you are doing is setting yourself up in a vibration with a frequency that matches that of the Almighty, enabling that power to be attracted to you and you to it. When people congregate in a church to pray, they are placing themselves in a building that also vibrating on the same frequency as the Almighty, making that contact more readily possible.

Now that might sound like a pretty outrageous statement to make, but when you think on it, you'll see that it actually makes pretty good common sense. How else does a person communicate with God, but through the act of prayer? And is not the act of praying one of setting aside all unnecessary thoughts and focusing on the prayer itself? That level of focus is what alters our frequency so we can move ourselves to the right frequency that we need to make that communication.

Next time that you pray, give a little consideration to what you are actually doing and why. It will make more sense for sure and just knowing that all it takes is a match in frequencies to connect to God through prayer and that connection will be a whole load easier to make.

I will expand on the topics mentioned in this article in future articles to be published on this website. All I ask is that you keep an open mind and don't just dismiss anything without first giving it some serious, rational thought that is free of preconceived ideas about the things you may have lived your whole life with. Because while some things are the way they are, many things can change if you are open to other viewpoints.