What are you attracted to? What is attracted to you? What is attraction? Do you understand how the law that governs attraction (or vibration) actually works? If you don't know the answers to any of these questions, this article might just help you to get a handle on what this is all about.

First of all, let's take the most basic, fundamental question of the mall and one that will kick off this discussion, which is, "What is attraction?"

What Attraction Really Is

law of attractionThe best way to describe this fleeting concept of attraction is to let you get a picture in your mind of something you already know about, which is a simple magnet. You know (I'm sure) that a magnet will attract to it those little pieces of iron based items that you have around the place, or bringing things right up to date, those fridge magnets that will magically stick themselves to your fridge door.

These magnets work by attracting to themselves the materials that are sympathetic to their attractive force, which is in this case steel or iron objects. The door of your fridge is made of steel which the magnet will stick to because it is also made of steel and magnetized so that it will be strongly attracted to other steel objects.

How Does One Thing Attract to Another?

Attractiveness between two objects occurs when they are both demonstrating the same frequency of vibration. To understand this concept, you first have to grasp the precept that everything that exists is comprised of one single element, which is energy.

Energy is everything and everything is energy.

The bodies we live in, the ground we stand on, the food we eat and the air we breathe are all just forms of that one basic force: energy. It is all around us, throughout us and within us.

Energy vibrates at certain frequencies and in fact at all measurable frequencies depending on its particular state. Let's put this into a more commonly understood example:

How Energy Attracts Like to Like

If you take a flower seed and plant it in the ground, that seed will be vibrating at a particular frequency which will be matched by its surroundings. Thus water and nutrients will be attracted to the seed which will, in turn germinate and create a plant of the same type as its parent plant.

If the exact nutrients the seed needed were not present in the ground around it, it could not attract them through this attractive force of vibration and the seed would never germinate. But since nature works in a set pattern, it would naturally deem that all seeds would germinate and be given the chance to grow into an adult plant if the environmental circumstances were conducive to that happening and the ecological structure in the vicinity of the seed were able to support it.

When you translate that concept into the way our lives are affected by our circumstances, it is easy to see that if we work with nature's laws, we can leverage the beneficial powers inherent in the law of vibration to our advantage. To do that, the next thing you need to grasp is that your mind or mental capabilities are also a form of energy.

Mental Energy

Every thought that you think is a creation and as such is a form of measurable energy. If we were only able to think about a single thing, then we would be on the same playing field as that flower seed with a set rate of vibration and only able to attract the specific things we needed to live or to exist.

However, our thoughts are multi-dimensional and multi-lateral in that we can not only think of many different things but also colour those thoughts with emotional energy which will alter the vibration of each thought. Can you see the implications?

When you emotionalize your thoughts with positive feelings, you can attract things to you that vibrate on the same frequency and that would be similarly positive entities. Of course, we are not at a developmental stage where we can tune our thoughts so precisely that we could manifest solid object out of the ether, but we are far enough along that evolutionary trail that we now understand we can attract similar mental effects that can bring us what we want in roundabout ways.

That means that we can impress emotionalized desires upon our minds and with persistence and deliberation cause ideas and possible plans of action to manifest in our thoughts that are conducive to the creation of physical plans and strategies that can bring about he things that we desire. The only reason everyone isn't doing that right now is that it takes sustained mental effort to make it happen.

Why So Many Fail

Most people do not have the mental discipline, tenacity and level of concentrated effort to do this. Most people might like the idea of being able to mentally create amazing lives for themselves, but they soon give up the effort when it doesn't show up right way so they simply go back to their TV sets and let their brains be filled with entertainment and fantasy to replace the lack of reality they actually want.

If you are keen to learn more about the way in which this energy-based attractive force works in our lives and throughout everything in nature, you can read this detailed article about what the law of attraction is by clicking that link. There is more information to be gained from reading hardcopy books by authors such as Dr Joe Vitale, John Assaraf, Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Raymond Holliwell and others.